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The construction professionals at Handian are eager to help transform your ideas into a successfully completed build project.

With experience that spans the entire construction process and it’s many individual specialties, we are ready for any sized challenge with our team of superior, detail-oriented craftsmen.

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Our Process


Every project begins with our promise to listen to, and respect our clients.

Handian construction teamWe collaborate on what they want, not what we think we should give them. The Handian reputation is one of straight-talkers who create client driven projects without surprises or delay. The client is always the most important voice in the room.

We begin a new project long before the first hammer swings. During the project’s early, pre-construction stages, we spend a great deal of time with our clients reviewing and analyzing lease options, evaluating property, identifying existing structure problems and shortcomings and assessing city and local government requirements and permits as well as parking and utility issues.


We comprehensively study the proposed project to identify problems and hidden costs, and ultimately, to save money for our clients.

When we are comfortable with our goal, our location and the viability of the project, we will progress to the drawing stage. Here we make design decisions and present many construction and aesthetic options to our client. When design is finalized, we move to the engineering stage to make sure everything is solid and to specification, then quickly we’re pulling permits and scheduling construction.

Due to our huge reservoir of experience, the actual construction stage of most Handian Construction projects seems to be almost routine. Our expert team has worked in every subcontractor field, so we know what to ask for and we know what to expect. We plan ahead and keep a tight schedule.


Our clients are in the loop and a part of the process from the beginning.Handian construction services

They see the enormous effort put into planning and time management and share our confidence through every stage of the build, expecting progress to be both smooth and without delay. If something unforeseen should occur, our clients know that it will be dealt with quickly and correctly.

The Handian Construction team takes a personal interest in every build that we begin and we stay embedded in the project even after it is completed. Mark Handian can often be seen moving in furniture and tacking up photos with our clients in anticipation of an opening day.


We at Handian Construction listen to our clients.

They will be living with their structures for years after we’ve completed the last detail. So in bringing an idea to life, we must create the project that they envision.


Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can do the same for you.