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Design. Build. EatLet’s face it; restaurant construction is a complicated and sometimes tedious process. Every aspiring restaurateur is required to navigate a maze of Health Department regulations and specific construction requirements that are very different from a standard commercial build. This increased interaction with bureaucracies and inspectors can seem overwhelming. What you need is someone on your side with the inside track.

The team at Handian Construction is your ace in the hole. Our extensive restaurant experience enables us to smoothly guide our clients through their project from beginning to end.

In any restaurant project, organizing and scheduling is a complicated and often undervalued element of the build. A normal commercial construction project may employ five or six subcontractors and is much easier to keep on schedule. Restaurant projects can require up to twenty or more subs, all with specific tasks that must be performed in a particular order. And there is only one chance to get it right.

ranchito tacos construction

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The professionals at Handian Construction make it our business to stay two steps ahead at all times during a restaurant project.

This extremely proactive approach is a critical component of our construction philosophy. No action can be allowed to slide by without scrutiny. Our team knows that the plumber and the electrician and the fire control tech are all dependent upon each other to complete their work correctly, in sequence and on time in order for there to be an uninterrupted build progression. Many times, an otherwise honest contractor finds himself facing unacceptable overages from unscrupulous subs. This of course, gets passed on to the customer.

Handian has the kind of restaurant construction experience that ensures an efficient build, every time, for our clients.

We know what to expect from multiple subcontractors and what appropriate costs should be. As businessmen ourselves, we know that an eating establishment must have it’s doors open to make money, and even a one-day delay can have immediate financial repercussions. We work closely with the cities during the various approval stages and lead our clients through the bureaucratic maze. We also use our extensive restaurant knowledge base to give useful advice about kitchen layout, floor plan and any other design element.

Listen to Handian Construction featured on the KBeach Radio Show “A Taste of the Beach” along with Hop from Dos Chinos.

ranchito tacos construction

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We like to think of our clients as partners, and as such, we maintain close communication throughout the build process. Our clients are included in every stage of the project and all questions are fully answered. With everyone operating on the same page, Mark Handian and his entire team can keep a continuous focus on troubleshooting during each phase of construction, saving both time and money.

At Handian Construction, we’re not just builders, we understand how business works. We want our clients to be successful and we look out for their best interests. No other construction company can match our passion and the personal interest our entire team takes in our clients. This can be seen in our Twitter and Instagram feeds. We’re foodies ourselves and want our excitement to help generate public interest in the project. When the project is finished and the doors swing open, we’re usually amongst the first to sit down and enjoy the best that the new kitchen can create.

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Our attention to detail, throughout the project, can mean the difference between a smooth and timely build and one fraught with delays and overages.


Give us a call at 626-639-3909 and find out how our comprehensive, true service can make your restaurant dream become a reality.

Handian. On budget and on time.